Friday, July 20, 2018

The Bible Stands

By Haldor Lillenas

  The Bible stands like a rock undaunted
’Mid the raging storms of time;
Its pages burn with the truth eternal,
And they glow with a light sublime.


  The Bible stands though the hills may tumble,
It will firmly stand when the earth shall crumble;
I will plant my feet on its firm foundation,
For the Bible stands.

  The Bible stands like a mountain tow’ring
Far above the works of men;
Its truth by none ever was refuted,
And destroy it they never can.


  The Bible stands and it will forever,
When the world has passed away;
By inspiration it has been given,
All its precepts I will obey.


  The Bible stands every test we give it,
For its Author is divine;
By grace alone I expect to live it,
And to prove and to make it mine.


Hymns on the subject of God's Word are relatively common, but often rightly focus on my heart attitude as I prepare to hear from God. This one is more unusual as it is unapologetically apologetic in tone. 
A hundred years ago, the attack on the truth of Jesus' written testimony was in full swing throughout higher education and the effects were trickling down to the lay people. Haldor Lillenas decided to take this issue head on with his martial-sounding hymn that doesn't pull any punches about who gets the last word on truth.
No one could put things more clearly than Lillenas does here, but I found the music reminded me more of a merry-go-round than a hymn for front-line biblical soldiers. My rendition is one I hope will soon find even more powerful covers as men take up the call to arms this 1923 hymn throws out to us!

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